Fox Game Show “South of Wilshire” Will Combine Celebrities & Great Food

What’s Trending alum Brett Register is directing an eight-week preview of the series for Fox.
By Christine Linnell
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    Clear a spot in your TV watching lineup this coming January – our friend Brett Register is directing a new game show for Fox that involves celebrities and Los Angeles soul food, which is all you really need from a game show.

    Fox stations are trying out another syndicated TV show from TMZ Studios and Telepictures, Deadline reports. They’ve set an eight-week preview of the celebrity-themed game show “South of Wilshire,” beginning January 4 on select Fox stations, including top markets New York and LA:

    Set in the Crenshaw District of L.A. with Dulan’s soul food restaurant as home base, in South of Wilshire contestants watch videos shot in Compton, Inglewood, Baldwin Hills and other areas where celebs hang out … restaurants, bars, churches, tattoo parlors, gyms, basketball courts and other venues. Three contestants at Dulan’s guess the identity of the celebs from clues provided by owners and customers at the locations and play for money as the audience dines on soul food. In the final round, a celebrity, whose identity is disguised, gives the clues about him/herself.

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    Brett was a director for What’s Trending a while back, and he’s worked on a bunch of reality TV series like “The Bachelorette” and “Dancing With the Stars,” among other shows. You’ve also probably noticed his work online, including “Frankenstein M.D.” and the viral Machinima fan film, “The Dark Knight Legacy.”

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