Turns out evil robots don’t react well to being mocked in a sarcastic voice.
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    Pretty much all the gaming nerds you know right now are locked up somewhere playing “Fallout 4,” the role-playing game set in post-apocalyptic Boston 210 years after a devastating nuclear war (so Wikipedia tells me). In the process of exploring the game, the fine people of Reddit found a comical way to get past an enemy robot – by annoying it to death.

    As a female character (kudos to Fallout 4 for including one) tries to walk through a tunnel, Mr. Gutsy the police robot confronts her and demands she return home under a mandatory curfew set by the Martial Law Act. Those refusing to comply with a curfew order are to be “pacified” – that means killed in apocalypse-speak.

    “Repeat, will you comply?” the robot demands – so the character obligingly repeats, “Will you comply?”

    The robot repeats the order again, and the character repeats it back again – and again and again, sounding more sarcastic each time. By the time she starts sounding like Cartman from “South Park,” the robot can’t take it anymore.

    “Loop detected! Error! Error!” the robot says, before short-circuiting and going up in a giant fireball.

    Before you think you’ve got a foolproof way to get past this part of the game, be warned – taunting the robot doesn’t always work. In another case, Mr. Gutsy just says “Civic malfeasance detected!” and blows the player to smithereens.

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