Sony Denies Refund, Bans User

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  • A recent conflict with Sony has left one Playstation user annoyed, baffled, and enfuriated.

    Reddit user Serfbuto took his issues with Sony public, posting a large, detailed thread about the company’s foul treatment of the customer that left not just a bad taste in his mouth, but his wallet $200 lighter.

    It all started when someone managed to take over Serfbuto’s Playstation account, racking up $499.91 in fraudulent charges. The thief registered Serfbuto’s account to their PS3, and created a sub-account. Nearly half the charges were made through this sub-account, while the rest were made through the main account. This is an important detail for later.

    When Serfbuto brought the issue to Sony’s attention, the first representative assured him the matter would be looked into. A few days later, he received an email that his money would be refunded in full without Serfbuto having to resort to issuing a chargeback on his bank account. It’s well known that Sony’s policy for users who issue chargebacks is to ban the account associated, regardless of the situation at hand. The email said it might take 1-2 months for the refund to process.

    Here’s where things get tricky. The refund did process but only for roughly half the amount. Then Serfbuto noticed $55 sitting in his Playstation wallet. When he contacted another representative, there appeared to have been a mix up, with some of the refund going into his wallet. Supposedly all of this was fixed, and the sub-account banned for good measure. Serfbuto was again assured he would have his full refund.

    Except he didn’t. Enter the third representative, who then claimed the money could not be refunded as the charges were made by the now-banned sub-account. Even though the refund was promised prior to the ban, it didn’t matter. Unbanning the account wouldn’t help either, since the creator of the account would have to “interact with it in some way”. Serbuto decided to issue a chargeback,and was assured his account would not be banned as a result.

    But it was. Not only that, Sony denied the fraud claim, stating that Serfbuto had agreed to the mysterious funds that appeared in his Playstation wallet and to add insult to injury, they claimed because Serfbuto was utilizing his account (you know to report the fraud) it was proof he approved the charges.

    The latest update on the Reddit post says that Sony has contacted Serfbuto for a resolution, but it’s incredible that it took the story going viral to get the company to actually help one of their consumers.

    For shame, Sony.

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