Bobby Jindal Ends Presidential Campaign, Internet Not Very Nice About It

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    In a not-too-surprising move considering his poll numbers, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jinda announced yesterday that he’s ending his campaign for president:

    “This is not my time,” Jindal told Fox News’ Bret Baier. “I’ve come to the realization that this is not my time. So I’ve come here to announce that I am suspending my campaign for president of the United States.”

    Jindal, 44, was once seen as a rising star in the Republican Party and a strong contender for the White House. The Brown University graduate and Rhodes Scholar was viewed as a strong voice for a Republican Party looking to reach out to minorities and broaden its base.

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    Beyond the bizarre political climate of the GOP race that elevates people like Donald Trump over relatively moderate candidates, one of Jindal’s biggest problems is that it’s just too easy to make fun of him. It all started with this creepy announcement video that tried to be like one of those viral “surprise, we’re pregnant!” YouTube pranks, but without any of the enthusiasm or excitement:

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    And then there’s comedian Aziz Ansari, who has been killing with his Jindal impression lately, declaring him to be the only candidate that doesn’t believe in any science, period.

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    “There’s a lot of people running for president that buy into these science myths – like photosynthesis!” he says. “Are you serious? Some people believe that plants are taking in sunlight and then turning it into oxygen! To me, that’s ludicrous! How could it do that? It’s a plant!”

    On a more serious note, Jindal’s refusal to allow Syrian immigrants into Louisiana clashes pretty awkwardly with his own heritage, which he’s held up as proof of the diversity of the GOP.

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    So yeah, it’s probably for the best that Jindal stops things now. It only would have gotten worse.

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