Check Out the “Agent Carter” Season 2 Trailer!

Agent Carter goes to Hollywood in the next season of Marvel’s hit show.
By Christine Linnell
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    Anybody else ready for the next season of “Agent Carter”? Because I’m SO READY.

    To be honest, the Marvel Universe is getting to be a bit overwhelming for me – I haven’t even gotten around to seeing “Avengers 2,” and there are like a million (okay, two) series on Netflix I know I’d enjoy, but who has that kind of time?

    But I’ll mark my calendar for this one. It’s less a superhero series and more a “women kicking ass” series – and good lord, the 1940s fashion! Plus I love old-style Hollywood, so I’m looking forward to the switch from New York to Los Angeles.

    “You gonna punch all of LA?” Carter’s asked at one point, to which she says, “I could do with a hobby.” Yessss, punch them all, Peggy! Do you think she’ll staple anyone else in the face?

    Variety reports:

    While the specific threats that Peggy must face in the new season are being kept under wraps for the time being (this is Marvel, after all), the promo showcases Peggy’s trademark combination of dry British wit and ass-kicking skills, in addition to hinting at a new romance with Reggie Austin’s Jason Wilkes, a quirky but charming scientist.

    LOOK GUYS IT’S A BLACK CHARACTER WITH MORE THAN ONE SCENE. Please don’t kill him off, “Agent Carter.”

    A bit of sad news for the interwebs, though – “Agent Carter” star Hayley Atwell has abruptly left Twitter and Instagram. And she was really good at both of them, too.

    “Must make it clear, no ‘trolls’ have chased me away,” she said in her parting message on Twitter. “I’ve just decided to leave to be more present and private. Thanks for following!”

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