Harry Styles Hooked Up With a Fan??!?!1

There’s still hope! (No there isn’t actually!)
By Christine Linnell
  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

    Why must Harry Styles torment our hearts so?

    One Direction appeared on “The Ellen Show,” and just before they performed she led them in a spirited game of “Never Have I Ever,” quizzing them about the juicy details all their fans want to know.

    They struck out immediately with “never have I ever had someone write a song about me” (come on, guys), but had entertaining answers about using each others’ toothbrushes without asking or skinny dipping in a hotel pool.

    And then Ellen got to “Never have I ever hooked up with a fan,” and Harry Styles said he had, and everyone lost their shit.

    The odds are about a million to one that any One Direction fan has a shot of hooking up with Harry Styles, but the slightest hint that it’s possible will fuel enough daydreams to boost record sales for months to come.