His reasoning explains a lot about the gaming industry.
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  • With the release of Star Wars: Battlefront, Jeremy Lahns brings up one of the biggest issues in gaming today.

    Lahns basically pointed out how personally to him, games should be created for the purpose of creating a playable piece of content, and DLC (downloadable content) should be an extra perk for players.

    In the case of Star Wars: Battlefront, it appears to be the opposite with a $50 DLC accompanying an already $60 game. The issue of DLC and in-game purchases has been addressed several times in the past few years.

    The most notable case in recent history was with EA (who is the publisher for Battlefront) who dealt with a massive DLC controversy in 2012, when it was discovered day-one DLC was actually locked on the game disc for Mass Effect 3, essentially keeping players from content they already owned.

    Lahns brings up a solid point regarding Battlefront: Vote with your wallet.