Celebrate Thanksgiving with This Delicious Marijuana-Infused Turkey

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    If you’re searching for the perfect turkey recipe for Thanksgiving, the fine folks behind the “Baked” series have you covered. All you need is a 12 pound turkey, butter, chicken stock, maple syrup, garlic, lemon juice, salt and pepper, and plenty of weed.

    It might help if you live someplace like Colorado or California for this recipe.

    Yes, edibles aren’t just about pot brownies anymore – marijuana enthusiasts have gone gourmet with this stuff. By infusing butter with cannabis and using it as both a turkey rub and a marinade, these cooks have transformed Thanksgiving turkey into a delicious way to get completely wasted.

    Turkey’s already known for making you sleepy, so I’m assuming that after eating this you’re completely immobile for like eighteen hours. Also there will probably be zero leftovers the next day.

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