Navy Mom Plans Surprise Homecoming For Her Kid’s Birthday

We’re not crying you’re crying.
By Christine Linnell
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    When I’ve had a hard stressful week and I need an easy way to make myself feel things, nothing’s better than YouTube videos of people in the military surprising their families by coming home early and everybody hugging and crying. This one from Navy officer Tiffany Monroe definitely does the trick.

    Monroe, stationed in Dubai, hadn’t seen her four kids since February and had missed a number of their birthdays – but then her mom organized a big surprise for five-year-old Scottie’s birthday party. The kids thought she was coming home to Goose Creek, South Carolina at Thanksgiving, but she secretly showed up at the party at a bowling alley disguised as Leonardo from “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.”

    The moment when she takes off the turtle head is everything you could want, including Scottie bursting into happy tears. So beautiful, man.

    Tiffany had to report back to duty in Virginia this week, but she’s hoping to be able to get back home for Thanksgiving. In the meantime, let’s all watch the video a bunch more times and then call our moms.

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