Bryan Cranston Joins a Boy Band

Well, a grown man boy band.
By Rachel Kiley
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  • In a world where all the boy bands we grew up with seem to keep reuniting for one-off shows, new albums, and full on tours now that they’re grown and sometimes really, really old, Bryan Cranston, Reggie Watts, and Jimmy Corden have come together to create a spoof of old dudes in boy bands. Featuring lyrics about not understanding emojis and driving safely through snow at night, this faux former teeny bopper band still tries to capture the, um, raw sexuality and sense of style they hypothetically would have had in their younger years. Anyway, just check it out. It’s vaguely unnerving and perhaps a little too similar to some of the “revitalizations” we’re seeing these days (looking at you, Backstreet Boys).