Star Wars Fandom is a Dating Dealbreaker for Wong Fu Productions

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    Dating’s the worst – you meet someone cute, you hit it off, everything’s going great, and then five months in you find out she hasn’t even seen “Star Wars.”

    Philip Wang, Wesley Chan and Ted Fu of Wong Fu Productions are huge fanboy nerds (breaking news, we know) and they’re really excited about “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” hitting theaters this December.

    To celebrate, they’ve created four different short films that will have something for you no matter what kind of “Star Wars” fan you are – action, adventure, comedy and even a bit of romance.

    Their first film went up yesterday and it’s equal parts adorable and cringe-worthy. What happens when you’re dating someone really cool but it turns out they’re huge fans of a franchise you know nothing about? Turns out the answer isn’t “just wing it and hope he and his friends don’t notice.”

    The comedy short stars Joanna Sotomura, Stephen Chang, AJ Rafael, Meghan Camarena aka Strawburry17, Jessica Chow and Hannah Vincent.

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