It’s the What’s Trending Podcast Thanksgiving Special!

“Should we just jump right into it? Let’s jump right into it, guys!”
By Christine Linnell
  • Old friends
  • Because we’re not doing a podcast episode over the holiday, this is our Thanksgiving episode with the What’s Trending family, where instead of bringing in a guest, hosts Anna Lore, Hayley Hoover and Jonathan Harris just chatted for an hour about the internet and things they’re thankful for.

    Basically, this is what our office is like all the time. With slightly less talk about our sex lives.

  • They started out with the very important topic of how many Twitter followers they all have (Hayley has 23K while Jonathan is pushing a healthy 400) and whether or not they’d consider buying any.

    “There are a couple mutual friends that we have that bought a bunch of followers,” Anna pointed out. “Because they have around 14K followers and get around two retweets per tweet. That’s the way you can tell. If you look at their followers and you’re like ‘Wow, that’s just a person I know and they have 100K followers?’, you go to their actual tweets and they have 10, 15 retweets.”

    Since Hayley and Jonathan are both cat lovers, they had to discuss the recent story about cats being scared of cucumbers.“I haven’t tried it with my cats yet,” Jonathan said. “I want to try it with cucumbers first before I try and dispel the myth by just putting a random thing behind them and seeing if they jump. My mind goes to conspiracy, like as soon as they turn around their owners are making some sort of crazy noise.”

    Hayley really enjoyed the trending story about the Moschino Barbie ad featuring a little boy dressed like fashion designer Jeremy Scott, because she’s all for encouraging boys to be into fashion if they want to be.“I was looking up what would a flower boy wear in a wedding, and all I found were forums of people going ‘You can’t let a boy be a flower girl, because he’ll hate it or he’ll get made fun of, or it’ll be deeply psychologically damaging to him!’ Someone was like ‘Give him a manly pail filled with leaves that he can throw.’”

    Of course they had to have a rousing discussion about marriage and monogamy following the news that Mo’Nique says her husband is allowed to sleep with other women.

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