Pentatonix Performs “Star Wars” Medley at the AMAs!

The a cappella group got to geek out with John Williams’ orchestra at the American Music Awards.
By Christine Linnell
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    There were a lot of cool moments at tonight’s American Music Awards, which you’ll have noticed if you were following our Twitter feed – but we have to shout out Pentatonix and their geek-tacular “Star Wars” medley.

    The group was introduced by the one and only Harrison Ford and wore Star Wars inspired costumes as they sang the Imperial March and the main title track, accompanied by composer John Williams conducting his orchestra.

    It was totally amazing – but it’s not quite a cappella anymore if you have 75-piece orchestra backing you up, guys.

    Earlier, the group told Rolling Stone they thought Star Wars fans, choral students and band nerds would get a kick out of it:

    We were ecstatic when they asked us if we would be willing to work with John Williams’ orchestra. Our background is in choral music, so this felt like a chance to revisit and re-study certain classical techniques. It sounds so amazing.