The Slow Mo Guys really outdid themselves with this one.
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  • For their latest video, the Slow Mo Guys decided combine a tornado with a wildfire and see what it looked like in super slow motion – and the result is something I could stare at all day.

    Using 12 box fans and a fire pit fueled with kerosine, they managed to create a perfect fire tornado that got as high as ten feet, which looked really cool even before Gav and Dan slowed things down. (Don’t try this at home, kids.)

    But the flames in slow motion looked really amazing, like gauze or liquid gold or some other poetic thing. You almost want to reach out and touch it, as if you didn’t know it would burn your skin off.

  • All in all it was a really cool experiment. And Dan even made it all the way through the video without getting singed or otherwise embarrassed on camera.