#OursToLose: YouTube Stars Set Out To Save the World from Climate Change

Stars like Casey Neistat, Blogilates and SORTEDfood are fighting to protect the things they love.
By Christine Linnell
  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

  • There are lots of things to love about this planet of ours – exploring New York City, eating chocolate, playing in the ocean, exercising outside, watching the seasons change.

    But we risk losing a lot of those things if global climate change goes unchecked. The New York Times reports that if we take no action, global temperatures would likely jump more than 8 degrees Fahrenheit by 2100 – and that could lead to New York City getting hit with more extreme weather like Hurricane Sandy, or cocoa harvests being affected so much that chocolate becomes more rare and expensive.

    Some top YouTubers from around the world, including Casey Neistat from the US, Finn Harries from the UK, Golden Moustache from France, Jamie Curry from New Zealand and Flavia Calina from Brazil, have banded together to call their viewers to action, just in time for the United Nations’ COP21 conference in Paris starting November 30:

    What if we could help change the way people discuss climate change, so that the issue and its consequences could become more relevant and tangible to people around the world?

    Leading up to COP21, a conference which will bring leaders from around the world together to develop a global climate agreement, we’re encouraging the YouTube community to join the discussion by uploading their own videos that share their concerns about how environmental issues may impact the things they love. The conversation on YouTube will live through a simple hashtag: #OursToLose.

    These creators are calling on their audiences to sign a global petition, putting pressure on our national leaders to agree to a deal that will lower temperatures. They’re urging people to sign the Avaaz petition for a clean energy program implemented around the world by 2050.

    The #OursToLose campaign has also compiled a “We’re All in This Together” playlist with resources from channels like It’s Okay To Be Smart, SciShow and National Geographic, explaining the alarming effects of climate change on our planet.