Elliott Morgan’s “Premature” Comedy Special is Almost Here!

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  • Get ready to laugh a lot while secretly trying to figure out if you should be offended or not – Elliott Morgan’s comedy special “Premature” is now available for preorder and will arrive December 10.

    As Vimeo On Demand puts it:

    You’ve never truly experienced the world until you have seen it through the eyes of an entitled white, privileged, male. Part saucy banter, part whiskey buzzed self degradation, this lovable boychild touches on topics ranging from the creation of the world to goat sex. He’s witty. He’s charming. We swear he’s of legal age. Elliott Morgan is Premature.

    Here are a few other fun facts about our boy Elliott:

  • He spent two years as a SourceFed host and now covers the news or something as the host of SourceFed’s “The Study.”

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  • He’s a philosophical drunk.

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  • He played a crime-fighting wedge of cheese on “Annoying Orange.”

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  • Taylor Swift retweeted him that one time.

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