Watch This Kid’s Funky “I Lit My Pants On Fire” Dance!

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    So, in case you haven’t learned your lesson about playing with fire while on camera (remember that Japanese gamer who burned his apartment down while live on Twitch?), there’s that old viral video from 2008 or so of a kid who announces “I’m going to light my pants on fire,” proceeds to light his pants on fire, and flails around for 30 seconds trying to put the fire out.

    Do schools not teach “Stop Drop and Roll” anymore? Fanning it with your tee shirt isn’t going to help, kid! He doesn’t seem to be seriously burned though.

    Anyway, today somebody took that video and overlaid it with “Limb by Limb” by 90s reggae artist Cutty Ranks and now it looks like the kid’s busting a move.

    I really don’t know what else I need to say here. It’s a kid rocking out to reggae while his crotch burns. You’re welcome, I guess.

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