The Holderness Family is At It Again This Thanksgiving

“Now watch me sip my Chardonnay-nay!”
By Christine Linnell
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    Nobody is as good at celebrating the holidays than the Holderness Family. Oh, you think you can do better? Ha ha, that’s cute. You can’t.

    The whitest suburban family in the world has released their Thanksgiving video for this year, and as expected, it’s so gosh darned adorable you’ll want to punch yourself repeatedly.

    The medley includes spoofs of “Whip & Nae Nae” (watch Mrs. Holderness sip her Chardonay-nay, get it??) Adele’s “Hello,” and of course “Hotline Bling,” which everyone on the internet is legally required to make a parody video of.

    No doubt the family is already hard at work with this year’s Christmas video, which has a lot to live up to after their infamous “Xmas Jammies” video that got 16 million views.

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