Phuc Dat Guy: Vietnamese Man Admits to Facebook Hoax

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  • Phuc big

    Remember that Vietnamese-Australian guy named Phuc Dat Bich who we all felt bad for because Facebook kept taking down his page thanks to Western people being childish about Asian names?

    Yeah, it was all a hoax and now he’s patting himself on the back for fooling everyone. Go ahead and hate him. But also don’t be racist.

    From the BBC:

    “Mr Bich” said on Facebook his real name was “Joe Carr” (or perhaps joker). He said what had started as a joke between friends “became a prank that made a fool out of the media”. But he said it also brought out the best in people and gave encouragement to people with “truly interesting and idiosyncratic names”.

    The prankster went on to lecture Facebook about its legitimacy and say that his “ordeal” taught him “not to trust the credibility of the media.”

    Truly, Mr. Carr is the hero we deserve.

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