Green Bay Quarterback Aaron Rodgers Swears on National TV

Thanksgiving is RUINED, Rodgers!
By Christine Linnell
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    You’d think that on Thanksgiving night, we could expect some clean, wholesome football the whole family can enjoy – but no, Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers had to go dropping the F-bomb on network television.

    Imagine the horror: it’s just after Thanksgiving dinner and you and your Green Bay-obsessed relatives have collapsed in the living room for some sportsball, while your over-fed children doze off in front of the TV. It’s early in the third quarter and the Packers are at 3rd and 15 and down one point against the Chicago Bears. Rodgers is calling the snap – and then he yells “Ah, fuck!” for all the world to hear as the Packers botch it.

    The blunder forced him to lose a good ten yards running after the ball before the Chicago defensive line buried him at the 45 yard line. He limped off the field afterwards, apparently favoring his wrist.

    The Packers went on to lose 17-13, which serves them right after that kind of language.

    NBC later reported that he met with the team’s orthopedic surgeons on the sidelines and had his wrist wrapped up. He’ll probably be doing just fine after a little physical therapy.

    The damage to the innocent, virgin ears of our beloved children, however, will be permanent.