Two Brothers Rescue Bald Eagle, Score Epic Selfie

This would be such a perfect ‘Murica moment if it hadn’t happened in Canada.
By Christine Linnell
  • Eagle selfie

    In a story that must have Republicans beside themselves with envy, two Canadian brothers on a hunting trip came across a bald eagle caught in a trap, set it free, and took the most epic selfie of all time before releasing the bird and watching it soar to freedom.

    Some American hunter is going to have to free a larger bald eagle with a machine gun and have it perch majestically on his shoulders to beat this one.

    Michael and Neil Fletcher, accompanied by their loyal Golden Retriever, were hunting grouse in the woods near Windy Lake when they spotted the eagle with its talon caught in a trap. Michael took off his hoodie and wrapped it around the frightened bird to calm it down as they worked to free it.

    The eagle stopped struggling and was calm and cooperative during the whole ordeal, even when they lifted it up to take a picture. “It didn’t really fuss or give any sign of aggression,” Michael said.” I don’t know if it knew we were helping him, or what.”

    Holding the eagle was quite an experience. “I was surprised by the size, and that it’s such a beautiful bird. When you see the eyes up close, they’re really amazing.”

    They filmed the whole thing and put the videos on Facebook, where they’re getting a lot of praise and feedback. The rescue video has currently been shared nearly 2,400 times and will likely go even further as the media picks it up.