The Condom Challenge Takes Over the Internet!

This would be a really embarrassing way to suffocate yourself.
By Christine Linnell
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    It’s called the Condom Challenge, and it’s taking the internet by storm for some ungodly reason!

    No, it’s not where YouTubers talk openly about safe sex, which would be awesome – it’s where people fill a condom with water, go into the bathroom and drop the condom water balloon onto a friend’s head.

    Turns out the condom is so stretchy, it will encase your entire head in water-filled latex! That’s hilarious! Also how has somebody not died yet!

    Supposedly this challenge raises awareness about safe sex and proves that men with larger penises can’t fit a condom. But NY City News reasonably points out that having a balloon latched over your head greatly increases the risk of choking or drowning.

    It’s kind of like that “Plastic Bag Challenge” from a while back, which was basically just 4chan trying to get you to kill yourself.