#ShiraGames: sWooZie Teaches Shira Lazar to Play “Fallout 4”!

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    It’s been a while since our own Shira Lazar has picked up a gaming controller for another episode of “Shira Games,” but with everyone going crazy over “Fallout 4” she just had to try it out. Fortunately our friend sWooZie volunteered to show her the ropes.

    As fans know, the premise of “Fallout 4” is that there is a nuclear blast in the Boston area that forces everyone to hide in underground bunkers; and when they emerge years later, the world is a post-apocalyptic wasteland infested with zombie-like creatures and ruled under martial law by brutal police robots.

    After choosing her character, Shira has to find a spot in one of the bunkers for herself, her sexy video game husband and their baby before the bomb goes off. Spoiler: she barely makes it. And it only gets more challenging from there.

    To be fair, I doubt I could do any better myself – I’d probably be too freaked out by the idea of nuclear holocaust zombies to even try.

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