LGBTQ Cartoon “McTucky Fried High” Aims for Season 2

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    After the craziness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, there’s a lesser-known but more meaningful event called Giving Tuesday, where people are encouraged to donate to a worthy cause. In that spirit, let’s take a moment to focus on a small but innovative project that could use your help.

    Indie web series “McTucky Fried High” is a comedy cartoon with an unapologetic LGBTQ slant. It’s about an ensemble of teen foods navigating sexuality, gender identity, bullying, religion and self-discovery in high school. So it’s sort of like an edgy, subversive, super-gay version of “Veggie Tales” involving more fried food.

    They got a bunch of good press during their first season, including Seventeen Magazine, the Huffington Post and this from the Daily Dot:

    While LGBTQ visibility has risen in animation recently, especially with the much-touted end of Legend of Korra, McTucky Fried High is a pioneer in an overwhelmingly LGBTQ cast. Of course, it’s not all peace and rainbows, with some haughty organic products wreaking havoc and destructive twerk-offs abounding.

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    Now the series creator Robert Carnilius is raising money for a seven more episodes starting in February 2016, which will introduce new characters and topics like feminism, race, STD’s and intersectionality.

    The campaign ends this week, so let’s give them one last push toward the finish line.

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