Julianne Moore Acts For Tips in Times Square

More actors should do this.
By Rachel Kiley
  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

  • Billy on the Street is, of course, known for ambushing people on the street, and the latest episode is no disappointment. It features Billy traipsing around Times Square with none other than acclaimed actor Julianne Moore, competing with people in big fuzzy cartoon costumes for tips.

    But they don’t just say “Hey, here’s Julianne Moore, give us money.” Oh, no. No, Julianne works for those tips. Any time a friendly passerby gives her money, she reads off lines from one of her movies, with the skill and understated ability you’d expect from someone of her caliber.

    Maybe more actors should do this in their free time. Though to be honest, I’m surprised James Van Der Beek hasn’t done it for fun yet…