The Avengers Star in a Romantic Comedy Trailer

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  • Yes, we’re all very excited about the Civil War trailer, but New York Magazine has given us a new Marvel Cinematic Universe property to be excited about.

    Unfortunately, it’s one that doesn’t exist.

    But this trailer for a romantic comedy version of The Avengers, titled How to Avenge a Guy in 10 Days in a throwback to that Kate Hudson romcom that really isn’t incredibly popular, but hey, choose your titles as you will, is pretty convincing. Not only does it prove how editing and music choice can really cause a tonal shift that switches up the genre entirely, but it also makes us wish this were a real film. Random Avengers romcom in the midst of all the heroics and action? Sure, why not! There doesn’t seem to be much the MCU can’t pull off these days, so, we’ll be waiting.

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