Billy Mays Here For Every Product Ever

Yes, it is as terrifying as it sounds.
By Rachel Kiley
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  • When you see an infomercial, the first thing you always think is “Wow, I wish I was seeing this AND every other infomercial featuring the same person at the same time!” — right?

    Well, if you didn’t already think that, you certainly won’t now.

    For some reason, somebody decided to take a bunch of Billy Mays’ commercials for various products and shove them into one video, all playing at the same time. It seems like it would be a great weapon to use against the enemy during times of war, or possibly a good way to fall asleep at night if you’re one of those people who needs white noise to do so. Lots and lots of headache-inducing white noise.

    But hey, people like weird stuff, and this is definitely weird, so…like it.