See What You Missed in Movies in 2015

Why watch individual trailers when you can watch them all at once?
By Rachel Kiley
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  • 2015 is coming to an end, which means it’s that time when people start posting retrospectives on the past year, choosing their “best ofs” for various media and personalities, and, my personal favorite, mashing up a bunch of stuff that happened.

    We’ve already posted about the always highly-anticipated “United States of Pop” for 2015, and now, in a similar vein, there’s a wonderful mashup of all the movie trailers that have been released this year. Not only is it an enjoyable feat seeing how this editor cut together movies spanning every genre and style to make one (or kind of three) cohesive trailer(s), but it’s also a great way to look back at all the films you loved over the past year. And possibly an even better way to find new things that you missed out on. So check it out, see what catches your eye, and let’s get ready to see what great new movies 2016 brings!