Playful Panda Needs Help After Taking a Tumble

These animals really are adorable, and not too bright.
By Christine Linnell
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    You may have heard the rumor that the Giant Panda is more closely related to cats than other bears. This is actually false, but you can see why people would think so after watching this playful romping panda get stuck and need help from its human friends, like a bumbling kitten that got caught up in a tree.

    The panda was romping in the grass in what seems to be a zoo called Adventure World in Wakayama and didn’t understand why its handlers (dressed in adorable panda hats) didn’t want it playing near the edge of a trench next to the wall of the enclosure. It managed to roll away from them and run toward the trench anyway – and sure enough, it went too far and slid down the slope into the trench. It then had to spend several minutes climbing halfway up the wall so the zookeepers could grab its paw and haul it back up.

    That is just the cutest thing. Also, how do panda bears ever manage to survive in the wild?