Cute Little Girl Tries to Utterly Destroy Remote Control Dump Truck

Can this piece of heavy machinery survive a gleefully destructive little girl?
By Christine Linnell
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  • Volvo has a new FMX truck that they’re touting as one of their sturdiest yet – and they decided the best way to test their claim is to try to destroy one of them with a remote control on a closed obstacle course. And who better than to wreak havoc on a full-sized dump truck than a cute little girl?

    Yeah, that’s right, a GIRL. Crashing dump trucks isn’t just for boys, you know.

    In her turn around the closed gravel pit, working from a safe distance and monitored by professionals, little Sophie managed to crash the truck through a pond, roll it down a slope and plow it into a building – but the truck gets through without much damage.

    More importantly, I love the look of utter glee on Sophie’s face as she steers the truck toward the building. Who said girls aren’t violent by nature – she’s absolutely loving this.