No One Wants To See Ed Sheeran Perform For $2

People brave enough to turn over money for a "peep show" were in for a huge surprise!
By Mai Linh Nguyen
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  • If you had the chance to see Ed Sheeran for only $2, would you do it? Apparently, not many people would. Hamish and Andy decided to conduct a social experiment, showing what people really think of the term “peep show.”

    With signs plastered outside the building, and a very sketchy looking Hamish trying to convince people to come in for a peep show. What’s great is Hamish just looks sketchy, but doesn’t lie to anyone he’s trying to convince. He tells people that they can pay just $2 to have Ed Sheeran play them a song for 30 seconds.

    While, it’s kind of sad to see so many people instantly pull out their phones to start recording Sheeran – it’s great to see that some people decided to truly live in the moment. One even got to sing harmonies along with Ed. We bet he never thought he’d ever be able to do that, and in such an intimate setting!