Santa Claus Signs to Hearing-Impaired Child

Inclusive Santas are the best Santas.
By Christine Linnell
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    Here’s a heartwarming moment to get your week started. A little girl was having a visit with Santa Claus at a shopping mall, but due to a hearing impairment she couldn’t speak with him very well, and didn’t seem all that engaged.

    That wasn’t going to stop Santa, though – once the girl’s mother explained the situation to him, he quickly tapped the girl on the shoulder and started signing to her. (I think I caught the sign for “baby” in there, so my guess is he asked her if she wanted a baby doll for Christmas.)

    The girl immediately perked up and started signing back, even though she was still learning the words, and eventually they figured out that she wanted a scooter. He ended by giving her a warm hug.

    And people say Santa isn’t real.