J.K. Rowling Declares Donald Trump Worse Than Voldemort

Trump’s plan to ban all Muslims from entering the U.S. has the “Harry Potter” fandom riled up.
By Christine Linnell
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    You know you’re doing bad when people compare you to Lord Voldemort from Harry Potter – but when J.K. Rowling herself endorses that idea? You’re toast.

    Recently the BBC noticed an interesting trend of people comparing Donald Trump to Voldemort, the evil villain from the Harry Potter series. You know, talking about destroying his Horcruxes, refusing to speak his name, making jokes about his nose, the usual stuff.

    This is all in response to Trump’s announcement yesterday that he would put a temporary ban on all Muslims entering the United States, even if they’re U.S. citizens who were just traveling overseas.

    JK Rowling, who has been known to destroy people on Twitter for our amusement – remember this awesome smackdown about Serena Williams? – wasn’t about to let this one go.

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  • Bam. We all know that every word Rowling says about Harry Potter is immediately canon, so I guess that settles it – Donald Trump is more evil than the Dark Lord.

    Of course, Trump has been getting criticism from lots of other people too, including rival Republican candidate Jeb Bush calling him “unhinged,” and St. Petersburg, Florida mayor Rick Kriseman declaring on Twitter, “I am hereby barring Donald Trump from entering St. Petersburg until we fully understand the dangerous threat posed by all Trumps.”

    There was also this delightful shouting match with MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough – who already tends to grate on me, so throwing in some belligerent Trump just makes it ten times worse.

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