The Slow Mo Guys Take On the Condom Challenge

You know you’ve always wanted to watch Gav drop a condom on Dan’s face.
By Christine Linnell
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    We’ve all seen the Condom Challenge by now – that bizarre social media trend where you have someone drop a condom filled with water over your head to show how stretchy it is, because yay safe sex! but mostly because it’s hilarious when someone has a condom on their head.

    But have you really paid attention to what happens during the Condom Challenge? I mean REALLY?

    That’s exactly the kind of task the Slow Mo Guys are good for. They’ve already tormented poor Dan with water balloons in every way you can think of, this is just a logical next step.

    You have to give Gav credit – he really does a thorough job. He drops the filled condom on Dan’s head once, and then tries it again while slapping it, and then tries dropping it right on Dan’s face, all in slow motion.

    That whole paragraph sounded completely filthy and I’m sorry.