Tyler Oakley Crushed It at the “SNERVOUS” Premiere!

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    Tyler Oakley has been busy lately. His first book Binge came out a couple of months ago, and he just finished filming the upcoming season of “The Amazing Race,” and last night his very own documentary “SNERVOUS” had its big premiere at the Bruin Theater in Westwood.

    Not a bad way to wrap up the year.

    What’s Trending was there on the red carpet and saw some of YouTube’s biggest stars turn out to see the film, including IISuperwomanII, Kingsley, Ingrid Nilsen, Joey Graceffa, Lauren Elizabeth and of course Tyler himself, looking dapper in Armani.

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  • Not only was the evening fantastic, but watching “SNERVOUS” was a pretty cool experience. The movie follows Tyler on his Slumber Party tour, starting in Dublin and taking him through the UK and around all around North America. It’s a behind-the-scenes look at what his life is now – the screaming crowds of fans, the hectic schedule and the hardworking team of professionals who try keep things running smoothly around him. Quite a change from his first YouTube video filmed on a grainy camera in his college dorm.

    Personally, I liked how the film showed the Tyler we all know and love, but also explained YouTube culture to people who don’t quite understand who this weird internet star is and want to figure him out. “I don’t sing and I don’t act and I don’t dance,” Tyler says early in the film, “so a lot of the questions people are like, ‘Okay, so you’re doing a tour. What does that even mean? What do you do?’ I’m 21 years old and I’m wearing a onesie on stage.”

    I also loved the scenes with his family during a visit home to Michigan, which you’ve heard of in more detail if you’ve read his book. The conversation he has with his biological father about coming out of the closet, his dad’s efforts to “cure” him and their journey towards forgiveness was especially powerful.

    “I get messages every day from people that are much worse situations: ‘I got kicked out of the house,’ this or that or whatever, much worse than what I had. And I think it’s important to tell, not just overcoming that personally that a lot of people tell with their ’It Gets Better’ stories or whatever, but overcoming that relationship-wise. We got through that.”

    The movie is now available on iTunes, so go check it out.

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