Your Mother Probably Adores This “Santa’s Helpers” Freshpet Commercial

They’re pets dressed like elves wrapping presents! That’s ADORABLE!
By Christine Linnell
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    Freshpet made this twee commercial of dogs and cats dressed up as Santa’s little helpers, with people sitting behind them with their arms in the pets’ sleeves so it looks like they have human hands, playing around with toys and presents.

    If your mother or aunts are on Facebook, you probably already know that.

    This video has gone viral on Facebook as older ladies the world over go “Oh my gosh isn’t that precious!” and proceed to show it to everyone on their Friends list. Along with the adorable animal elves wrapping presents, we get a glimpse into Santa’s nice and naughty list for popular Internet pets, with Lil Bub and Mishka the talking husky on the Nice list, and Princess Monster Truck and Menswear Dog on the Naughty list.

    The good news about the Mom spam is that every time a video gets shared, Freshpet will donate one meal to a needy pet.