People are Awesome: The Best Stunts of 2015

Inspire your inner adrenaline junkie with the most extreme sports clips of the last year.
By Christine Linnell
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    Can you base-jump off cliffs? Make a slam dunk while backflipping off the basketball hoop? Perform daring stunts on a bicycle or skateboard, or maybe go surfing with your dog?

    If so, go you! You’re awesome! The rest of us are going to watch viral YouTube videos about you while brushing Fritos crumbs off our shirts.

    The “People are Awesome” YouTube channel has compiled all their favorite athletic feats from the past year into one handy video that will make you question your own life choices, just in time for New Year’s Resolution season. Maybe we should get off the couch and learn to ski or something.

    Though, honestly, all those clips of people jumping off rooftops have me a bit concerned. Maybe take a parkour class at a gym instead?