Good News! That Hot Shirtless Runner on Facebook is Single!

A guy named Ethan decided to go running in the rain with no shirt and became a viral star.
By Christine Linnell
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    If you’re a hot dude looking for love and find yourself randomly on the nightly news, you don’t let that opportunity pass you by.

    Chicago news station WGN TV was reporting about the unseasonably warm December when they went outside in the to talk to people about the weather. Reporter Tahman Bradley found pouring rain and a guy name Ethan, who was getting in a quick run along Lake Michigan and decided a shirt was unnecessary.

    “It’s too wet to wear a shirt,” he explained. “I love running in the rain. And I’m also single, so give me a shout!”

    After the clip was viewed on Facebook over a million times in one day, WGN actually did a follow-up interview with Ethan, who said he now has 900 friend requests. He also clarified that he is straight (sorry guys) and a personal trainer in Chicago.

    If this looks like the guy for you, you can find him on Twitter, where he posts such wisdom as: “God does not serve cocktails and mixed drinks; He serves two shots straight up: law and then gospel.”