How Well Do You Know Tyler Oakley’s Vocabulary?

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    Everybody loves Tyler Oakley, but do you love him so much that you’ve started using all his lingo? What’s Trending decided to find out.

    A few days ago we attended the premiere of Tyler’s new film “SNERVOUS,” and R.J. Aguiar got the chance to chat with him as he walked the red carpet along with some of the biggest names in YouTube.

    “Girl, we are all killin’ it!” Tyler said. “I’m so happy. Tonight is not about me or the tour or anything, tonight is about Team Internet doing its thing.” His best friend and collaborator Korey Kuhl agreed, saying: “This is so awesome to see so many friends here, and so many internet people. I mean, this is insane.”

    Since the movie has a name like “SNERVOUS,” we had to wonder just how mainstream Tyler’s fabulous lingo is now that he’s hit the big time – so we quizzed friends like Meghan Tonjes, Nicola Foti, Kingsley, Aiden Alexander, GloZell Green and more on their Tyler trivia knowledge.

    Do you know what “snervous” means? How about “woof”? Are you “mungry” by any chance? If you’re not completely confused right now, congrats – you are a fully-fledged Tyler Oakley fangirl.

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