This Is Our 59th Post About The New “Star Wars” Movie

The fan videos and promotional clips just keep coming. Here is today’s selection.
By Christine Linnell
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    The name of the long-awaited sequel “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” was revealed to the public about a year ago. Since then, What’s Trending has covered “Star Wars” parodies, interviews, fan videos and promotional material a total of 58 times. To be honest it’s all starting to blur together, and we haven’t even seen the actual movie yet.

    So for your convenience, we’ve got a quick summary video of today’s best “Star Wars” material, so you can see if this is the stuff you’re looking for or if you’d rather wait until tomorrow’s batch.

    Along with the Jimmy Fallon a cappella performance with the cast that we covered earlier today, we have two new prank videos – one from from Rooster Teeth where they made a super fan think he was going to an advanced screening, and one from Kevin Bruek who convinced people in Santa Monica that he had Jedi powers.

    You’re welcome.