Man Stops Traffic on the Freeway to Propose to His Girlfriend

Let’s hope his fiancee loves him, because everyone else hates him.
By Christine Linnell
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    Imagine this scenario: you’re in your car trying to get home after a hectic day, you’re stuck in traffic on the I-45, you live in Houston of all ungodly places, and suddenly traffic grinds to a halt because some dude had his friends block the highway so he can propose to his girlfriend and post it to Instagram.

    Do you a) go “Aww, that’s so sweet, I hope they have a wonderful life together” or b) feel like screaming out the window or maybe flooring it and running them over? Because I know which one I’d pick.

    Vidal Valladares decided to make his wedding proposal a memorable one by inspiring hundreds of cases of road rage on Sunday. In a photo he later put on imgur, he said: “When you shut down one of the biggest and busiest freeways in the entire country (I45) and you ask your girl if she wants to marry u, That moment is priceless love u @mlwycoff #shesaidyes”.

    Uhhh, nope, that moment is obnoxious and could lead to a collision or one of your friends getting run over, you moron. (Sorry, I live in LA – we’re very touchy about traffic.)

    Local news reports that he also gave an off-duty police officer the middle finger for honking at them. He’s been charged with obstruction of a roadway, which is a misdemeanor. If convicted, he could face up to six months in jail or a $2,000 fine.

    His attorney insisted that he wasn’t trying to hurt anyone and certainly wasn’t doing it for attention, I mean how dare you think such a thing:

    ”Mr. Valladares’ intentions were purely romantic. The spot where he proposed had significant meaning to his fiancee. This was not done to grab personal attention, but done merely as a romantic gesture. It is unfortunate that criminal charges were filed.”