The Best YouTube Covers of Adele’s “Hello”

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    Adele made her triumphant return to the music scene a couple months ago with “Hello,” a beautifully sad song about lost love and nostalgia – and the internet couldn’t get enough of it. We must have all had a rough year and needed a good cry or something. So it’s no surprise that basically every online musician you can think of decided to make a cover video.

    A lot of them were pretty straightforward – just head into a minimalist recording studio, throw a black-and-white or sepia filter on your camera and get soulful – but we did have some fun twists to the song, like Alex Boye’s version inspired by “Star Wars,” a death metal version from Leo Moracchioli, and a cover sung in Swahili by Dela. Demi Lovato even got in on the action with a viral video recorded at a concert.

    To listen to your favorite cover in full, check out the video description of our compilation on YouTube for a list of links.

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