So, Sarah Palin’s “30 Rock” Spoof is a Thing That Happened

Why on earth is John McCain in this thing?
By Christine Linnell
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    Oh snap, guys – Sarah Palin got her revenge on Tina Fey for all those Palin impressions on “Saturday Night Live” by making a trailer for a “30 Rock” parody. Take that, Tina!

    If only it was funny.

    Palin’s Liz Lemon impression depicts her as a small-town TV writer who moves to NYC to make a variety show and “put the smackdown on political correctness”. (“The only PC I need is right here,” she says, patting her Mac laptop.) It’s all a bit confusing, since earlier in the clip she says “This is my safe space!” like a liberal, but complains that there are no Christmas snowflakes on her Starbucks cup like a conservative.

    The show – I’m not sure if this will become an actual series or if it’s just a parody trailer – stars actual “30 Rock” cast member Kevin Brown (Dot Com), Senator Lindsey Graham (who just dropped out of the presidential race) as Kenneth the Page, and Senator John McCain (wait, what?) playing the Alec Baldwin role.

    That’s right, years ago John McCain the war veteran and maverick was running for president with Palin as his running mate, and now Donald Trump is the Republican frontrunner and McCain has a bit part in Sarah Palin’s laughably bad “30 Rock” parody.

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    I hope he’s doing all right.