“Camp Takota” Director Chris Riedell Needs Your Help This Holiday Season

Chris’ wife and son are struggling financially after a medical condition put him in the hospital.
By Christine Linnell
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    It’s going to be a challenging holiday season for “Camp Takota” co-director Chris Riedell after a chronic medical condition put him in the hospital. Now his wife Melody is reaching out to his supporters for help with a GoFundMe page:

    Chris is the breadwinner for our family and is self-employed so if he can’t work we don’t have any income. We don’t anticipate him being in the hospital for months. But with him not able to work and also not knowing how long his recovery will be,  we need help with basic bills and then future medical costs. I have no idea how much that will come out to.

    She explains that Chris was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at age 12 and has had to have surgery for bowel obstructions. After he experienced intense pain earlier this month, Melody took him to the ER, where another massive obstruction was discovered. He will need bowel resection surgery to live a healthy life again – and in the meantime he can’t work.

    In the spirit of the holidays, please consider giving what you can to the Riedell family. Even just sharing the GoFundMe page or this article will help.

    “It’s been extremely humbling to have so many people reach out and want to help us in any way during this time,” Melody wrote.

    Along with his brother Nick, Chris directed “Camp Takota” starring Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart and Mamrie Hart. More recently the Brothers Riedell were at the helm of “Bad Night” starring YouTubers Lauren Elizabeth and Jenn McAllister.

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