Deadpool is a Snarky, Lethal Santa Claus in The Latest Teaser

Ryan Reynolds seems to be having fun.
By Christine Linnell
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    With all the superhero movies flooding the market, it can be hard to stand out – but being a twisted smartass anti-hero who swears all the time is a good start.

    We’ve got a couple more teasers for “Deadpool” starring Ryan Reynolds, based on the fan-favorite Marvel comics about a Special Forces operative who is subjected to an experiment that leaves him with super healing powers – meaning he can basically get killed over and over in fun and creative ways and come back to crack jokes about it.

    Today’s Christmas Eve trailer plays on the idea of Deadpool as a jolly guy in a red suit who’s going to pay you a visit this holiday season and – well, kill you probably. But it’ll be funny.

    This follows an important public service announcement Deadpool made earlier in the week:

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    “This is your brain. Actually it’s a chimichanga, but I’m making point because THIS,” he says, pointing to a second, coffee table-sized chimichanga, “is your brain on IMAX. Bigger is better, right?”

    The movie will be in theaters on February 12, meaning we’ll have plenty of time for more cleverly aggressive advertising.