Kitten Rescued After Being Trapped in a Storm Drain for 33 Hours

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    The story of a tiny kitten trapped inside a storm drain for 33 hours is capturing people’s hearts this week.

    This video, posted several days ago, explains that faint meowing was heard by customers in a parking lot in southern California, and was traced to a storm drain.

    David Loop from Sierra Pacific Fur Babies, a non-profit rescue organization, was called in and did his best to save the kitten. Food and water were dropped into the drain, and Loop had someone lower him down by his ankles to coax the kitten out, but it was trapped in an 8 inch pipe and they couldn’t reach it.

    They were close to giving up, but the next day they ran a special camera designed for tight spaces down the pipe and finally caught a glimpse of the kitten, wet and frightened but still alive. They dug up the section, and 33 hours after the operation started the kitten was pulled out of the ground.

    Piper, as he’s now called, is currently doing fine. “I wonder if he knows how lucky he is, how many people banded together and fought for him,” Loop said as Piper slept in his arms. “I think he does.”

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