“Home Alone” Burglar Marv Reacts to Psycho Kevin in This Hilarious Video

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    I’m getting kind of tired of movie reboots, but if actors from childhood movies want to make a bunch of YouTube parodies like this one instead, then sign me up.

    A while back, Macaulay Culkin starred in the debut episode of “DRYVRS,” playing the twisted grownup version of Kevin from the “Home Alone” movies. After ranting to his Uber passenger about being abandoned by his parents for a week over Christmas when he was eight – “the cutest fucking eight-year-old in the universe, by far” – and having to fight off two home invaders, he captures and tortures a dude who tries to steal his car.

    “Home Alone” co-star Daniel Stern decided to get in on the fun – he filmed a response video as burglar Marv, begging his fellow “Wet Bandit” Harry to come save him from Psycho Kevin. “Come find me, Harry, I’m scared!” he wails from a darkened room. “The kid is back! I saw it on the internet, that kid is coming to get us!”

    In case you’ve forgotten, in “Home Alone” Marv gets shot in the groin with a BB gun, falls down stairs and off ladders multiple times, takes a red-hot iron to the face, impales his foot on a rusty nail and broken Christmas ornaments, gets hit in the head with a paint can and falls out of a tree house – and we haven’t even got to “Home Alone 2” where he gets electrocuted until his skeleton shows through his skin.

    Distractify had real medical professionals diagnose all their injuries and concluded they basically should have been dead by the end of the first movie:

  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

    No wonder Marv terrified – he’s probably got severe PTSD at this point.

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