The Top Stupid YouTube Challenges of 2015

Don’t try these at home - but if you do, don’t forget to hashtag!
By Christine Linnell
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    The citizens of the internet have found all kinds of ways to purposely embarrass themselves for the sake of a hashtag in the last year, and we’ve loved every minute of it. We certainly don’t want anyone to hurt themselves, but people being morons on YouTube is how we pay the bills around here.

    So we’ve rounded up some of our favorite YouTube challenges, which are both very funny and things we do not recommend doing to yourself.

    First is the Belly Button Challenge, which suggests you’re only fit and flexible if you can reach around behind your back and touch your belly button. Then there’s the Say Anything Challenge, something invented when Tyler Oakley paid a visit to Superfruit (aka Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying from Pentatonix) – and you know you’re going to end up looking like a dork when those guys are involved.

    The Charlie Charlie Challenge convinced teenagers the world over that they were communicating with a ghost named Charlie, while their friends secretly blew on pencils to make them move around. Friends are jerks. But that’s not as mean as the Plastic Bag Challenge, which tried to trick people into putting plastic bags over their heads and suffocating themselves. That honor goes to 4chan, who always manage to reach new heights of jerkitude.

    The What’s Up My Butt Challenge was invented by Grace Helbig and Epic Meal Time’s Harley Morenstein, and they’re both so funny that we can’t help but enjoy this one, though we still don’t recommend sitting on Pez dispensers.

    The recent Condom Challenge had people dropping condom water balloons over their friends’ heads, supposedly to demonstrate how stretchy and safe condoms are. We have our doubts about that excuse, though it turns out the challenge looks super cool in slow motion.

    And finally, the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge, where people decided to plump up their lips like Kylie Jenner’s by sucking on a shot glass – something that can leave severe bruising around your mouth, or even shatter the glass and cause lacerations. Plus the result just looks weird, even if you don’t injure yourself. Can’t say we’re sorry to see this trend go.

    Did we miss your favorite stupid YouTube trends? Let us know!