Man Pours Molten Copper Over Christmas Snow Globe

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    Has 2015 been a rough year for you? Are you getting tired of all the relentless holiday decorations that appeared well before Halloween and haven’t stopped since? If so, you might find it therapeutic to watch this guy destroy a kitschy Christmas 2015 snow globe with a stream of molten copper.

    The man behind the Tito4re YouTube channel has been pouring molten copper over random things just to see what would happen for about four years now – everything from a coconut to paint to light bulbs. (He also has a couple of random videos about his pets, which you’ll be happy to know do not get the molten copper treatment.)

    In this case, as the globe’s music box chimes “Deck the Halls,” the copper immediately shatters the glass, melts the plastic Christmas tree inside and sets the wooden base on fire, symbolically sending the holiday season and the whole year up in flames.

    Amazingly, the music box still winds up and plays after the ornament has been turned into a steaming lump of metal.

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