SNL’s Kyle Mooney Awkwardly Interviews Justin Bieber Fans

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    It’s hard to resist trolling Justin Bieber fans sometimes, but this cut-for-time clip from Saturday Night Live is so agonizingly awkward it just makes you feel sympathy for them.

    The Biebz joined the “Today” show last month to promote the release of his new album “Purpose,” and even driving rain wouldn’t stop crowds of his fans from gathering outside the studio for a chance to get a picture of him.

    It was an ideal situation for a man-on-the-street interview – and the worst possible person to take that assignment was Kyle Mooney, the SNL personality famous for stuttering and mumbling during interviews and tucking his polo shirt into his pants. “He’s the handsome devil who came down from heaven to make some great songs, and to dance with… to dance… forever,” Mooney starts out, and then tries to get the crowd to cheer behind him. They just kind of stare at him for a second.

    He goes on to get some rain-soaked girl to repeat a dozen times into the microphone that she’s been waiting for four hours, confuses some random blond kid in a baseball cap for Justin, annoys security, and is generally the worst celebrity reporter since Chris Farley’s “do you remember that?” character.

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